Google Ads ( AdWords )

Google Ads is Google’s advertising service for those wanting to target search engines, display networks and YouTube. They include ads next to search results, ads on YouTube and the display banners on blogs and websites.

"Private I Marketing provided reports that showed how our advertisement aligns to our conversions enabling us to not only determine ROI but confidently invest more budget into the campaigns that perform. "

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Google Ads ( AdWords ) Strategy

Looking to advertise online?

Want to save money by targeting your advertisement only to those actively searching for it?

Hoping to reach more customers similar to those who have already converted on your site?

Are you looking to re engage with visitors to your site who are yet to become customers but just need a reminder?

Do you only want to pay for advertisement that is click and optimise to only those who convert?

If you are looking to specifically targeted customers, or increase brand awareness we can help. We can help you setup, evaluate or maintain your AdWords account.

We choose Google AdWords because of its many benefits.

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Google AdWords Benefits

  • It doesn’t cost you any more than the cost of the Ads keep complete control over how and where you want to spend on Ads.
  • Stop and start and schedule seasonal campaigns as you wish.
  • Start, pause or stop campaigns immediately to respond to demand.
  • You don’t need a website but it integrates beautifully into Analytics if you do.

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Google AdWords Opportunities

  • Target customers on search engines actively searching for what you offer in a way that they can engage with.
  • Reconnect with customers who have previously bought but not been back to your site since.
  • Reengage with visitors who have yet to by from you or submitted their details.
  • Advertise on sites that you know convert well for customers who don’t know about you.
  • Target segments as broad as ‘Males in Australia’ or as specific as ’25-40 year old males in major cities using iphones during lunch breaks’.

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