Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free and powerful web tracking application. It is a great way to track traffic patterns and behaviours on your site. Tracking can include your website, intranet or mobile. Using this knowledge you can optimise your site to perform and convert customers better. It also integrates with other products like Google AdWords to help you optimise your advertisement.

"Once Private I Marketing cleaned up our site and analytics data we were able to see a much clearer correlation between all our marketing efforts and our analytics reports."

Selwyn Holland – 3d Printing Online

About Google Analytics

Is your website your most successful salesman?

Your site does the same thing 24/7 so is it encouraging the right results?

Are there technical problems stopping people converting on your website?

Do you know where your best leads are coming from?

Can you identify when your best leads arrive?

Sound invaluable but a bit technical? We can help you set up, evaluate or maintain your account. Your reports can be delivered in a concise and understandable format to suit you. Read on to understand the many benefits of using Google Analytics.

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Google Analytics Benefits

  • It is absolutely free so no additional costs to you.
  • Track other Google products such as AdSense, Blogger, and other Google Sites.
  • You can get key insights from understanding the difference between a visitor and a customer and identify the most successful strategy for the success of your goals.
  • With over 80 reports with customizable, drag-and-drop interfaces we can ensure you only have to review the important factors of your online performance.
  • It integrates beautifully with Google Adwords so you can have targeted paid Advertisements.

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Google Analytics Opportunities

  • Track how your online goals like sales are performing compared to the last period and last year.
  • Remove all the noise of non converting traffic to identify and report where the true sources of opportunity lie.
  • Check the health of your site to find out broken links, problematic loading times and poor preforming pages.
  • Use converted traffic data to identify opportune times and places to advertise online and off.

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