Email Alert Regarding General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Date Effective: May 25th 2018

Google recently emailed out the following notification (attached at bottom) to Google Analytics administrators. Please take time to read the notice and we recommend seeking professional legal advice if this is applicable to you.

Our clients will be receiving an email concerning what this translates into in layman’s terms, what needs to be done and what we recommend for each client’s site, as each site is different.

You will hear more about this than usual due to Facebook’s recent breach. This has heightened everyone’s concerns over data protection and thus will be in the media more than one might expect.


  • You can ensure you have a “best practice privacy statement” on your site.
  • Ensure you have set your analytics “User and event data retention” settings set to ensure they expire.

You may also wish to investigate the requirements of having such integrations such as

  • Social share buttons
  • Hotjar
  • KISSmetrics


Additional note:

If security is a concern from you, as many think it should be, you can block 3rd party cookies via you browser. All the page content will work but none of your visitor data can be sent to a 3rd party.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)