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*Updated to include Winner Announcement.

“Creating a world that works for everyone with Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities”

This week has shared the full list of 30 winners of nonprofits looking to build “transformative technologies” for those with disabilities. This particular “Impact Challenge” was released back in May 2015 pledging $20M in grants to tackle accessibility challenges.

With over a thousand organisations from 88 countries, applications included improvements to mobility, independence, education, employment and communications. Winners include:

  • “Power wheelchairs” – improving opensource power add on device “indieGo”  transforming a manual wheelchair into a powerchair.
  • “Wayfindr” An app to help vision-impaired people precisely locate their intended destination.
  • “Miraclefeet” increasing access to treatment for those born with clubfoot.
  • “e-Nable”  a global community of volunteers that designs and creates 3D printed prosthetics.

To find out more and the whole list of winners visit the Google Official Blog post 

If you are a nonprofit and haven’t heard about Google’s Grant for AdWords contact us to find out more. Google offers $10K a month in-kind advertisement for you to spend on AdWords so you can’t afford not to learn more about the grant.