Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free code management platform designed to enable quick and simple updates to code snippets and tags on your website, intranet or mobile app.

"Being able to track valuable visitor engagement events and tie them to a conversion path has been a real game changer."

Matt Stimson – Web Developer

About Google Tag Manager

Do you need more in depth analysis on your site?

Are you unable to track form submissions?

You need Google Tag Manager (‘GTM’).

GTM is referred to as a Tag Management System (TMS) it is designed to make implement and testing easier for the many hard-coded tags, scripts and other code increasingly required on a site.

In an ever increasing customisable website environment, simplification for marketing, analytics and testing is always welcome. Click here to discover more of GTM’s many benefits.

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Google Tag Manager Benefits

Firstly it’s free, so you are already ahead, but more importantly it can help:

Build capacity

  • Supercharges analytics to include tracking events, video engagement and more.
  • Advantageous to any site and importantly scalable.

Reduce costs

  • Lessen your need for a web developer for small changes.
  • Reduce inconstant changes across your site.

Increase productivity

  • Increase control and security on who’s making website changes.
  • Improves deployment speed.
  • Facilitates live-simulation testing.
  • Centralise pixel and tags in one place. (AdWords tags, Google Analytics tags, DoubleClick Floodlight tags and many non-Google third-party tags).
  • Coordinate and administer the tags for one or more websites or mobile apps.
  • Work and have visibility alongside agencies.

Are you struggling with Google Tag Manager? Contact us.

Google Tag Manager Opportunities

Are you struggling with Google Tag Manager? Contact us.