New Google AdWords Interface**Update**

The previous AdWords interface will be discontinued from October 18, 2018.

**Update End**


The new AdWords interface is only days away! Are you excited? Probably not.

Learning to navigate your way around again is hardly your idea of fun plus what are the new defaults?

As with previous updates, subtle or not, the interface gives you more power and control over your AdWords Campaigns. However this comes at the cost of having to reasses what has been set as default an if that is indeed the most relevent setting.

For example a major setting changes was to give you more control over where you target your ads. It started with in that country or not in that country. simple!

Then they gave you more control with an advanced setting (only accessible in some parts) to configure whether “in that country” meant someone physically in that country or outside that country looking specifically for services in that country. Subtle but very important! The default setting left many people unknowingly showing ads outside their expected area.

As Google partners we can keep you updated with what’s new and what’s changed so look out for the new training sessions offered in the new financial year!

Keep an eye our for the exclusive features—like cross-account recommendations, ad variations, and promotion extensions—to help you accomplish your unique business goals.

Good luck