Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a process of acquiring unpaid traffic from search results listed on search engines. The major search engines include Google, Bing and Yahoo and their results include result from website, blogs, images, videos, news and other sources. These traffic source are often listed as 'Free', 'Organic', 'Editorial' or 'Natural'.

"Knowing where we stood with Google's ranking, especially in comparison to our competitors, helped devise the right strategy for us ."

Hadyn Levett – SignOnSite

Why Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engines are just machines processing websites as data and serving up this information. As a computer it’s subject to technical problems, confusion and misunderstanding of your site. The algorithms used to improve this process are improved all the time but proactivly designing your site to make it easier to understand will help you be found faster and better.

SEO puts you ahead of the competition. Sticking you first on the search page, making your phone number available on mobiles and removing you from areas that are irrelevant to you. For more ways that SEO can benefit your business see our SEO Benefits.

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Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

  • Investment into SEO techniques brings more customers to know your brand and visit your site.
  • Increased exposure at earlier stages of conversions increase your chances of retaining the attention of a customer.
  • Broadening your website to a more diverse customer base gives less bias details about your best sources of conversions.
  • Testing & improvements can be done more flexibly than print or other media.

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Search Engine Optimisation Opportunities

There is nothing more impressive than ranking top 1-3, moreover your exposure to potential customers skyrockets when you are page one.

Having your presence and business listing on search results, YouTube results, Image results and newsfeeds keeps your site front of mind and builds up your authority in your field.

Out-competing your competitors bring new opportunity when customers see your listing ranked highest.

Unlike many marketing efforts it’s more measurable to determine the improvements to organic traffic.

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